PET plastic bottle solutions

Vertx introduces the 4-Gallon PET "single-use water cooler bottle! This innovative product is changing the way consumers purchase large format bottled today. Following trend of single-serve beverage containers filled Vertx bottle purchased online or in a retail outlet. After consuming consumer crushes and recycles it through normal redemption curbside collection programs. There is no deposit on empties for bottler return

PET plastic bottle

required. Traditionally, 3 and 5 gallon packages of bottled water were delivered to your home or office by regional bottling companies. The water was packaged in a returnable bottle. After the water was consumed, the bottle was picked up by the bottler and trucked back to his filling location to be washed and refilled. The consumer pays a deposit on the "returnable bottle at the time of initial purchase. He collects his deposit when container is returned or exchanges empty for a filled and pays water only".

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